14 Unique Engagement Party Suggestions

You got the ring along with the guy of your dreams, so today it is time to celebrate! And as you can not fail using a traditional involvement celebration, we have piled up 14 unique engagement celebration ideas. Whether you and your prospective husband are film lovers, art aficionados, sports fans, or simply enjoy an excuse to put on a fantastic costume, you will find loads of creative engagement party themes and ideas which are guaranteed crowd pleasers.


  1. Outdoor Movie Night Presenting the Future Mr. and Mrs.


First up we asked Chris from Callisto Photography to make the opening suggestion. Throw a sheet up, rent a projector, and flip your participation to a real life rom-com having an outside movie theater-themed party that is guaranteed to be a box office hit. Sunny Ravanbach, president of White Lilac Occasions, recommends viewing montage edits of your favourite moments as a couple. “Also, make sure to have a care packages for guests available including all the traditional cinema treats.  Like popcorn, Kit Kat bars, Sour Patch Kids, and Twizzlers,” he states.

A gold ring on a fork.


  1. Luau for your Lovebirds

Bride-to-be Reynaley Buenaventura was motivated to throw a luau because of her involvement celebration by her fiance’s surprise suggestion in Honolulu. “I wore a Hawaiian print gown, and thus did my fiance’s daughter,” she states. “We both wore flowers in our hair. The guests got into the spirit by wearing leis. We have traditional Hawaiian dishes such as egg rolls, pineapple upside down cake, and kabobs.” Decorate an outdoor area with vivid flowers and tropical décor. Pineapples will result in perfect table figurines. Create a Hawaiian playlist and include a Tiki bar and you are ready to go!


  1. Rent Out a Bundle in a Sporting Event

Cheer on your favorite college or professional team and confer with your participation at precisely the same moment. Renting out a package in a sporting event is amazingly cheap, especially thinking about the fact that meals and drinks are usually included in several packages, points outside Tracie Domino, founder and creative director of Tracie Domino Occasions. “The occasion will be casual permitting lots of interaction among guests, and the sport will keep things interesting through the night,” she states. “To save on this thought, strategy on a weekday evening, which works perfectly for basketball and baseball games.”


  1. Disco Party in a Roller Rink

Channel your inner child and observe your newly-engaged status using an adults-only disco celebration at the neighbourhood roller skating rink. Rent out the area, seek the services of a good DJ, and ask everyone to dress in their finest ’70s appearance, advises Ravanbach. You can not go wrong with classic songs, retro theatres, pizza and four-wheeled enjoyable.


  1. Pay Homage For Your First Date

Your family and friends can share in the background of your love if you hold your party in the place where you first met or where you have engaged. Can you first set eyes on him if your automobiles were stuck side-by-side in a traffic jam? How about inviting your pals into a bumper-car rink? Is his nickname Party Animal? Consult the neighborhood zoo if they will rent out space for a celebration. Yours may be an occasion for the memory book.

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Have you met on a dating website, you can pay homage to this. Let us say you met in a program Coffee Meets Bagel–why not serve coffee and gourmet bagels in a brunch buffet? Discovered your sweetie on Match? Craft DIY things with match publications. In case you hooked ’em on Lots of Fish, then incorporate undersea décor. Make it interesting!


  1. All American Picnic

An engagement party does not need to become a dull affair. The classic, all-American backyard barbecue may be an ideal way to celebrate. Emphasize the trees with streamers, unfurl miniature flags to your dining table centerpieces, and artistically put your condiments in a little picnic basket in the center of the table. Do not overlook the garden rolls: potato salad, chips, bottled beer–and songs by Bruce Springsteen, naturally.


  1. Bowling Alley Affair

Want to surprise your family and friends with your news? Invite them to bowl a couple of games until you bluff ’em ridiculous with your statement. Notify the street beforehand to request super-special treatment such as customized soundtrack, light, or culinary alternatives. Talk about an exceptional engagement party theme! When’s the last time you moved an engagement party at a bowling alley?


  1. Throwback Sock Hop

Gear up for your approaching Efforts with a ’50s sock hop. Rent a jukebox so that your visitors can scroll through the playlist to find ideal tunes for the joyous occasion. Alternatives for your sock hop setting could vary from the parents’ completed basement into a private space in a restaurant.


A wedding reception area that has been decorated for a wedding.


  1. Wine and Cheese Party

Celebrate in style with a cheese and wine party. Emphasize certain sandwiches as well as their complementary wines on little tables adorned with strewn flowers or elegant linens. Let your visitors sample Brie with Cabernet and Beaujolais, Stilton using interface, and Gouda with Riesling and Champagne–exactly like you and your apparel, they are all perfect pairs.


If Champagne is the taste, you can not fail with great cheeses and appetizers like prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe and garnish with lemon butter. As you can sip and enjoy, everybody can share your happiness.


  1. Dessert Party

If you have a sweet tooth, heaven is a dessert party. Produce just a tiny bit of heaven-on-earth using a white-chocolate macadamia-nut cheesecake, strawberries, and truffles. Serve up a choice of dessert wines (port, white Riesling, Merlot, and Cabernet) and typical dessert-time beverages like coffee, espresso, and tea.


  1. Famous Couples Costume Party

Here is another one of our treasured one of a kind engagement party suggestions: invite your guests to dress up as famous couples for fun spin on a traditional engagement celebration, states Tessa Lyn Brand, proprietor of Tessa Lyn Occasions. From Romeo and Juliet into David and Victoria Beckham, guests may really have fun getting into character for a party of love!


  1. Host an Art Gallery Party with Your Own

Also asked Kieran from http://mylo-photography.co.uk/ to make a suggestion and this is what he ha dto say. Roll out the red carpet and premiere your participation photographs with an art gallery opening celebration. Celebrity wedding planner Donnie Brown of Donnie Brown Weddings and Occasions at Dallas, Texas, indicates blowing up your engagement photographs to poster size and using them mounted onto foam core. “You can then show them all over your occasion space on easels with spot lighting,” he states. “This generates excellent décor and arouses conversation as individuals take the shots. Drink butler-passed canapés and champagne and wine for this function.”


  1. Casino Night

You have already won the jackpot by finding the love of your lifetime. Keep the good times rolling together with a few cards and dice in your casino night, ” says Tessa. “Give out play cash to guests when they arrive to play with on leased blackjack and blackjack tables. The last person standing gets a prize!”


  1. Paris Perfect

If folks think of Paris, they think of love. Celebrate your engagement with a celebration that embraces the town of light. From a classic Parisienne playlist (believe Edith Piaf and Juliette Gréco) into macaroons and champagne, live it up. You can utilize Eiffel Tower décor and also write signs or menus in French.