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Om innovasjonspolitikk og verdiskaping

17. februar 2017

Advanced algorithms may make innovation processes more effective. (Photo: Allvisionn)

Dag H. Zeiner-Gundersen argues that companies and research institutions may innovate more effectively using advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.

By Guest Writer Dag H. Zeiner-Gundersen, Ph.D D.Sc, Founder of Norrønt AS

The need for systematic and complexinnovation

Successful innovation processes must bridge the gap between technological challenges and marketing challenges, leading to viable products and services. Most of the current theories on innovations and innovation processes address, however, the topic of innovation with very simple tools and from a general historic and macroeconomic point of view.

The human innovation process is driven by creativity. To understand the innovation processes we have to assess human learning and creativity. We must effectively use all available results of inventive principles and solutions used throughout history, methodically and in efficiently. This alsoincludes the need for crosslinking between sciences, and pushing the boundary methodically with the help of algorithms Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Companies innovating need to ensure that the innovation process, and the resources used, correlates with the expected outcome. I would therefore argue that we must focus more on details and logical methods, specific principles and standards and algorithms required to achieve precise and detailed results.

The author has through several years been judge at international innovation competitions and observed the increasing speed, momentum, and focus within international innovation. One example: During the innovation competition for renewable energy in Astana October 2016, 17 out of 100 companies that participated were from Israel, none from Norway.

Becoming more methodical

The low hanging fruits that create real disruptive solutions are becoming less and less common within the field of innovation. Complex innovation is a very detailed oriented, ‘brain-draining’ and demanding exercise. The science and engineering communities should become more methodical and less dependent on random occurrences of creativity and non-structured inventive methods (including attempts at finding the optimum result through “Googling”).

Methods based on algorithms and associated principles and standards can be very precise tools. They introduce a kind of accuracy not found in most innovation methods. Such methods can be combined with the use of artificial intelligence for the development of more disruptive solutions.

A typical example on using a fast algorithms addressing a design dilemma may be theattachment of blades/profiles onto a vertical turbine axis, whereby the algorithm will propose the use of preloaded solutions. In this way mechanical life of the turbines can be increased by multiple factors of 10, by avoiding/reducing cyclic tension and compression stress variations.

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ANN ARBOR, MI - Think you've got a contender for the biggest tree of its species in Ann Arbor?

The city is seeking nominations for its Shorts for Men On Sale Ea7 White linen 2017 L M S XL XS Emporio Armani L M S XL XS Emporio Armani White Ea7 Shorts for Men On Sale oMGMZErgh
through July 31.

The city program identifies and catalogs the largest tree of each species within the city and then publishes the results within a Womens Breda ClosedToe Pumps Gabor ZCTW8kJ

If you believe your tree is one of the biggest and best of its kind, visit to fill out a nomination form.

The city's forestry staff will evaluate tree nominations and notify residents if their tree is selected.

Both public and private trees can be nominated.

Nominations received after July 31 will be evaluated for inclusion in the 2019 Champion Tree list.

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Gallery: Local Ann Arbor restaurants struggle with labor shortages


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ANN ARBOR, MI - Kayla McKillop went home with $12 after a slow lunch shift at Jolly Pumpkin in Ann Arbor one day in June.

On busy days, she can make around $300 in tips, she said.

In Michigan, Sicily Multi Earrings in Multi Brass Raffia and Swarovski Crystals Shourouk IuEjd5
is $3.52 an hour, with the expectation that tips will bring their average pay up to the state's $9.25 an hour minimum wage.

McKillop, 20, who has been a server at Jolly Pumpkin for about a year and has four years of restaurant experience, said her pay averages about $15 an hour for lunch shifts and $25 an hour for busier dinner shifts.

She doesn't mind the inconsistency in pay from day to day, and she likes being rewarded with a tip for a job well done.

"I'm not necessarily just working a job," she said. "I'm giving people a service."

Help wanted: Restaurant industry's labor shortage hits downtown Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor's high cost of living makes it difficult for restaurant employees to live near where they work, and commute options are often impractical.

The recommended tip at a sit-down restaurant is 15 to 20 percent, according to Check Elbow Detail Merino Wool Sweater Dress Nude amp; Neutrals Burberry YFHAF3zZ9X
. Bartenders should be tipped $1 to $2 per drink, or 15 to 20 percent of the tab.




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