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As Meghan Markle mania has demonstrated, there’s nothing people love more than a down-to-Earth princess — and like clockwork, Netflix’s royal drama Jimmy Choo Woman Mayner Pvctrimmed Glittered Leather Platform Sandals Copper Size 35 Jimmy Choo London 65w2e8
has swooped in to meet our needs, in the form of the fictionalized version of Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby). She’s a snarky, sultry party girl who swills booze like Don Draper, smokes like Bette Davis, and, unlike everyone else on this super-chaste show, is totally down to fuck. (Okay, so she doesn’t actually fuck that much, due to the creators’ concerns about showing “royal boob,” but she’s definitely down.)

Oh Margaret, how we adore thee. Let us count the ways:

She’s the family rebel … The strained sibling relationship between Elizabeth and Margaret is some of the show’s juiciest ongoing beef, with the cantankerous Margaret constantly needling her prim older sister, simultaneously envious of her power and resistant to the rules the sovereign imposes on her. If Elizabeth is the consummate royal rule-follower, Margaret is her opposite — someone who strains against the rigidity of her station, and whose sole demand, upon attending a party full of “normals,” is that none of them “breeds horses, owns land, or knows my mother.”

… yet she’s still a fancy bitch: That said, when Margaret attends the aforementioned normals’ party, she’s not exactly in her element (and the withering death-stare that she delivers to her dinner — some sort of shrimp avocado concoction that wouldn’t get through the gates at Buckingham Palace — is priceless). Indeed, perhaps more so than Elizabeth, Margaret enjoys the finer things in life — the palaces, the jewels, the gowns, the deference, and all the other fancy fixings of princessdom. As Elizabeth chides her at one point: “You’re the least egalitarian person I know.”

She doesn’t suffer fools gladly: When her pal Billy makes a fool of himself before they’re due to announce their engagement — by getting shot in a drunken duel, no less — Margaret has no qualms about calling the whole thing off. “People like you don’t get to insult people like me; you get to be eternally grateful,” she spits, before leaning in close and delivering a triumphant royal tirade. “Take a look at this face, a picture of disappointment and disgust. This is the look that every woman you ever know will come to share. This is what the next 40 years of your life will look like.” Feel free to repurpose this speech for your own future romantic disappointments.

She gets a little sloppy: After the Billy breakup, one of the palace servants hears a commotion upstairs and goes to check in. But all the clamoring and clanging isn’t simply a loose corgi in the throne room: It’s Margaret in her chambers, chain-smoking, pounding back liquor, and dancing languorously in a caftan to Ella Fitzgerald (while intermittently screaming, throwing, and breaking things). Been there!

She loves a bad boy: After her ill-fated season one romance with Peter Townsend gets called off because he is divorced,Margaret impressively manages to find herself an even less suitable partner: Antony Armstrong-Jones (the devastatingly dashing Matthew Goode), a polyamorous, bisexual photographer who rides around on a motorcycle and constantly insults her family and title. Which, by the way, she can’t get enough of. As she says to Elizabeth, with a thrill in her voice: “There’s a contempt in him — for me. For us. For everything we represent … that’s what’s so dangerous about him.”

She’s perfectly petty: Margaret may have been unlucky in love, but at least she’s committed to winning her breakup: When Peter lets her know that he’s getting engaged to a younger woman, she rushes to get Antony’s proposal so that they can deliver their engagement announcement before Peter does. But most of her pettiness is reserved for her older sister, who she’s determined to show up whenever she gets the chance. As she tells Antony, upon deciding to have their wedding at the traditional royal haunt of Westminster Abbey: “Let’s make it bigger than my sister’s. And let’s eclipse her. Let’s shake this place to its core.”

She’s got all the snark: Whether its rating her fellow party-attendees (“He’s a seven,” she remarks drily to Antony) or doling out harsh words to various extended-family members, nobody does royal shade better than Margaret.“She’d do well to remember her place; as a low-ranking member of your husband’s refugee family, she’s lucky to be here at all,” Margaret snaps about one distant relative, deriding another as a “cantankerous old bat.”

She’s delightfully coy: Margaret, who somehow manages to make an off-the-shoulder ball gown look as sexy as lingerie, could definitely teach a flirting master class. Her tactics — a mix of fluttered eyelashes, pursed lips, wry put-downs, sultry cigarette-smoking and perfect over-the-shoulder side-eye — are legendary, causing Antony to fall quickly under her spell. And while she’s equally smitten with him, she’s aware of the allure of playing hard to get. “This is where the routine ends,” she declares, after Antony tries to get her to sleep over. (Of course, it doesn’t.)

She fucks: In general, is pretty low on romance and sensuality: Philip and Elizabeth nearly always sleep in separate beds, and their version of flirting is a drawn-out conversation about whether or not to send their son to Eton . Thank god, then, for Margaret, whose episodes serve as a rare narrative aphrodisiac. Her courtship with Antony reads like a rom-com synopsis — from flirting in a dark room to windswept motorcycle rides across London bridges — and when they finally do hook up in Antony’s dimly lit studio, it’s remarkably tension-filled and titillating (even without the royal boob).

She’s got a flare for drama: When Elizabeth expresses resistance to the marriage, Margaret puts up a fight. “I will marry Tony if it’s the last thing I do,” she snaps back. “At the Chelsea registry office with the local drunk as witness if need be.” Then she delivers something of a feminist declaration: “At long last I know who I am and what I represent. A woman in my own right. A woman for the modern age. And above all, a woman who is free, free to live, to love, and free to break away.” This, Elizabeth points out, isn’t exactly true, and Margaret isn’t exactly a royal suffragette — she may want to marry for love, but she would never give up her title or the perks that come along with it. All the more kudos to Margaret, then, for figuring out both how to have her cake (marrying a sexy commoner!) and eat it with a silver spoon too.


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The Chinese acrobatic theater followed that same development pattern. Whereas European and American circuses and circus performers were in a constant search for novelties and new techniques (driven in part by commercial needs), Chinese acrobats eventually restricted their repertoire to a set number of specialties (although it came to include over two hundred different specialties—which is quite a number in any respect), but they constantly improved their presentation and increased the level of difficulty of the tricks involved, in search of an elusive perfection.

European circus troupes made their first visits to China in the early nineteenth century. The Tourniaires , Giuseppe Chiarini , and the flamboyant Mens Twinley Limit Brogues Black Clarks bh80OUC4UY
certainly made their mark on the Middle Kingdom, but their tours resulted principally in exporting Chinese acrobatic specialties to the West—such as perch pole balancing and plate spinning—rather than having any decisive influence on the Chinese acrobatic tradition. (Later, the acrobatic bicycle will be one of the rare Western additions to the traditional Chinese acrobatic repertoire.)

Chinese itinerant entertainers, however, had already met with their European counterparts in the giant medieval fairs of Eastern Europe, which had already created cross-pollination between Western and Eastern acrobatic techniques. But after the disappearance of these fairs in the eighteenth century, European and Chinese performing traditions evolved on wholly separate paths.

Historical records, carvings and mural paintings in tombs and grottoes (such as the brick carvings discovered in the Han Dynasty tomb of Chengdu, in the Szechuan province) date the origins of Chinese Acrobatics more than two thousands years ago, during the Warring States period. They developed mostly during the Qin and Han Dynasties (221 B.C.-230 A.D.) and reached a remarkable level of quality and refinement during the Western Han Dynasty, evolving from a simple exhibition of skills into a performing art, with a rich and eclectic repertory including tumbling, balancing, plate spinning, pole balancing, rope dancing, etc. This acrobatic performance was known as The Show of One Hundred Skills .

Many of the Chinese acrobatic acts have evolved from the Chinese people’s everyday life, notably among Chinese peasants. Acrobats exhibiting amazing skills of strength and agility first appeared in the annual harvest celebrations of the Han Dynasty. Chinese farmers and village craftsmen, who didn’t have much to do during the long winter months, decided to spend their idle time improving their societal positions by becoming acrobats, jugglers, rope dancers, and hand balancers.

They practiced this new art form with just anything they could find around their houses and farms—cups, saucers, plates, tables, chairs, pitchforks, and many other common objects. And of course their own bodies, with which they formed human columns and pyramids, also became part of their joyful attempts to make their show more attractive. Not to forget the Chinese sense of humor: Comedy was always part of these ancient shows.

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Beyond wearing away at your emotional reserves, doing the majority of this silent labor can also strain your relationship , creating a one-two punch of feeling swamped and feeling resentful of your partner. "I got into this toxic loop where I was always mad at my husband," admits Jancee Dunn, author of How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids , who estimates that at one point she was doing 95 percent of the mental tasks at home. (Yes, in her "simmering molten rage," she was keeping tabs on how much she was keeping tabs.)

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So how did modern women get stuck in this retro trap? Even though more of us have careers than ever, "there's still the expectation that women are supposed to be the caretakers," says Janet Ahn, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at William Paterson University and a coauthor of the recent studies. "Keeping track of everyone's tasks, even after working a 50-hour week, is one way women are trying to meet this standard."

Krystal finally reached her breaking point. She was so overworked, she'd stopped going to the gym, gained 20 pounds, and, one night, burst into tears mid-conversation with her husband—who hadn't connected her weight gain with the FOOTWEAR Sandals Enval soft yoGm882
of the mental housework. He turned to her and said, "You know that you're not in this by yourself, right? You have to start sharing things with me." She's since managed to do more of that.

If you could use a break too, we've got simple ways to even out your mental checklists that worked for Krystal and other women. So before you hang up your secretarial duties, you may want to take a few final notes.

Getty Images
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Your partner's not going to read your mind and spontaneously start pitching in overnight. And constantly snapping at him to stop being a sloth isn't the healthiest thing for either of you (experts say expressing anger or frustration in unconstructive ways is a major issue for marriages).

Instead, make a coffee (or wine) date and have a heart-to-heart in which you explain all the upsides—for both of you—to his getting more involved. "This isn't nagging," says Elizabeth Haines, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at William Paterson University and a coauthor of the recent studies. "It's letting him know where you're coming from."

Dunn told her husband, Tom, that if he took on more mental chores, he'd see that "I'm happier, you're happier, and our child is happier. Things will be easier, and we'll have a more peaceful household." She delivered on her promise: Once Tom got involved, she was less resentful and he felt more connected to their family. If all else fails, tell him about the data that couples who share equally in housework have more sex .

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By Tom Steinfort • 60 Minutes Reporter

I genuinely didn’t believe the extraordinary story of Princess Latifa’s kindap when I first heard it - the whole thing just seemed too far fetched.

A Princess, allegedly abducted by her father (who’s one of the richest and most powerful men in the world), as she tried to escape her homeland with a former French spy and her Finnish best friend, with an Australian woman in London helping to co-ordinate the mission.


If someone told you that in a pub you’d politely suggest they perhaps lay off the hard stuff and get a taxi home.

But the more we digged on this story and the more we tried to test if those involved were liars, the more we discovered they were indeed telling the truth.

Los Angered Unisex Adults HiTop Sneakers Globe Gi6ClXAHd

Journalists need to be sceptical, and I had several meetings with producers where we would workshop different ways we could pick holes in this story, but it was water tight.

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Radha Stirling, the Australian woman who heads up the human rights group Detained in Dubai, was my first point of contact…funnily enough she told me that when she was first contacted by Princess Latifa, she also didn’t believe the story – she assumed it was a trap by the authorities in the UAE, hoping to damage her credibility.

Radha, along with British lawyer (and former Dubai detainee) David Haigh, had the documents and details to back up every aspect of their story.

And interestingly, they were just as untrusting of the inquiries from 60 Minutes to start with as well, fearing we may have been some undercover duplicitous approach from Dubai. It took many encrypted conversations, verifications, and trust building for them to open up to us.

Radha and David eventually introduced us to Latifa’s best friend, Tiina, and the captain of the escape boat, former French spy, Herve Jaubert.

All of them were happy to do interviews with us and go through their extensive history of emails, messages, GPS tracking and many other documents. They seemingly had nothing to hide.

But I think by far the strongest piece of evidence they have is the heart wrenching and somewhat eerie video Princess Latifa recorded herself just before her escape, speaking of her fears and the fact that if she was caught by her father, there’s every chance she would be killed.

She hasn’t been sighted by a camera since then, disappearing off the face of the earth for more than four months now…it’s a worry, and hard not to fear that something terrible has happened to this young woman who just wanted to be free in the western world.

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